Ready to build your dream home?

Some buyer find their dream home by looking through listings online. Others take matters into their own hands by getting connected with builders that can construct a home from the ground up. 

At Hays Realty Group we’ll guide you through the entire process including setting up builder consultations, touring available lots, and selecting interior options.

Building a new home typically takes four to eight months in San Antonio and surrounding cities undertaking the home building journey will allow you to get exactly what you want in a home. 

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There are many ways to accomplish your goals of building a home that has custom features and has never been live in. You can take the traditional route by locating a piece of land or a lot to build on.

Or you can buy what is called an inventory home these homes typically are ready to move in or are a month away from being completed. Inventory homes are a great choice when you want the new home feel but don’t want to wait the four to eight months that building a home traditionally takes. 

These homes are pre-built with a handful of customization’s still being optional. Hays Realty Group will be by your side the whole way and help you find your new home based on your desired location, price range, and features. 

We’ll then gather the information that allows you to see what the home should be selling for based on previous builder sales. This will allow us to negotiate the best deal through the builder and even at times get the builder to throw in free upgrades simply by using out negotiating power and knowledge or the current market